Video Review: Fille Finally Releases Her Frustrations As She Says ‘Bye Bye To Her Ex’ 

Before we could get over her controversial song ‘Love Again’ which a section of the public claimed was a dedication to her ex boyfriend MC Kats following their relationship issues because of the message it carries in the lyrics, Singer Fille released yet another tune titled ‘Bye Bye Ex’ like a month ago

The song sparked off debates amongst fans on whether it is meant for Kats especially basing on the fact that they separated a few weeks ago

‘Bye Bye Ex’ is a chuck song in which she pours out her feelings, hitting hard at her ex boyfriend for taking her for granted which leads to a breakup. She tells off the dude that it is too late to try to lure in love again because she has already moved on and no longer wants to hear a thing about him

The video  

According to the set up and the scenes in the two minutes and 55 second video shot and directed by Aaronaire, it depicts a picture of a broken-hearted girl who tries to seek revenge after a bad breakup with her boyfriend.

It clearly shows the things a jilted lover can think of doing to get relieved and forget the breakup with a man whom she had given all her love, body and soul to.

For that matter, the video starts off with a shot showing Fille lonelily seated on a chair in a sitting room while pressing her phone. In a flash of seconds, that is when her ‘Boo’ (ex in this context) calls and she intentionally makes the line busy because she is pissed. The video director then shifts the viewer’s attention to another scene of Fille in what looks like an abandoned house

She is there in company of a bouncer with whom they are shown torturing her ex who is seated on a chair with his legs and arms tightly tied with a rope. The helpless dude looks all bloody which seems like he has been under torture for some good time.

In more scenes, we see Fille showing her ex’s pleading text messages to her girl-friends who carelessly laugh them off in a way of encouraging her to forget about him and move on. They later help her pack her ex’s belongings in a suitcase and drive away in a posh car to an unknown destination where there is a fire place and then throw the suitcase full of the dude’s stuff in the burning fire.

As the fire is burning the suitcase to ashes, they all are seen jumping and celebrating in excitement before they finally walk back wearing some serious faces which concludes the video


Although to some viewers the video might seem like one promoting violence, it has a simple story line and there was no use of vixens and costumes.

Watch The Video Below

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