Video Review: ‘I Am Not Your Co-Wife’ Chameleone Cries Out

‘Sili Mujjawo’ loosely translated as ‘I am not your co-wife’ is Jose Chameleone’s latest project and for a few months the tune has been in the airwaves without a video but all that became to pass last week following the release of the highly awaited music video for the public to consume and appreciate.

Produced by Crouch of Jeeb Records who has produced several other Chameleone songs, the tune is full of messages that paint an image on Uganda’s current economic situation where citizens are full of corrupted minds and hatred yet we are supposed to work as one to push our country forward. On the same note, the track is full of questions that seem to have no answer like ‘why Sunday schools no longer have attendees?’

The video

The video which runs for 4 minutes and 22 seconds was shot and directed by Meddie Menz and it begins with a moving photo of what looks like a slave’s hand tightly chained up which could imply that the self proclaimed Heavy Weight has worked a lot but critics still put him down. The following scene shows him in an empty theatre where he introduces the first verse of the song.

The video brings out the message into visual where a taxi is seen knocking a boda boda rider and his passenger which exposes the hatred between taxi drivers and boda boda riders in Kampala, not forgetting the Sunday school teacher who is teaching only two children.

More scenes show the street life in Kampala suburbs like people selling fruits and food by the road side and a petty thief stealing stuff from a person in a car after breaking the car’s glass in broad day light and no one seems to care

Throughout the entire video, Chameleone spices everything up by pulling some funny dance strokes and he is the main character in the video with all the focus and attention.

Check out some of the scenes in the video

Watch the video below


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