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Video: Sheebah Karungi Warns Journalists Off Her Mother

In 2016, Sheeba for the first time brought her mother in public during her ‘Nkwataako’ concert that happened at  Hotel Africana. Her beloved mother did this because she wanted her to see what her daughter has been able to achieve in the music career.

What she didn’t know is that her mother would later be turned into a topic by most journalists especially Seguya Josephat of Bukedde TV. Seguya in a series of shows, made Sheebah’s mother a topic which didn’t please the artiste.

On Monday after her press conference ahead of her  ‘Omwooyo’ album launch, Sheebah used the opportunity to assure Seguya and other journalists to leave her mother alone.

“Leave my mother alone. It’s so okay for you journalists to attack me and say whatever you want but not my mother. She’s 63 years old and has gone through a lot. In fact I’m even not going to bring her to this show,” Sheebah said.

She also added that she has been looking for Seguya all this time to give him her piece of mind and also ask him to find a day and go to Kawempe to apologize to her mother or may be pass on his apology on live TV.

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