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Shocking Video: Spice Diana Blunders Yet Again On TV

The simple blunders singer Spice Diana does when she is speaking on TV interviews are at times so shocking, making one think whether she is always scared every time she is speaking on the microphone.

A few months ago while on NTV’s ‘Mwasuze Mutya’ show, the singer said that she scored 32 points at her advanced level (A Level) exams yet the maximum one can get at that level is 25 although it was changed to 20 a few years ago. Spice was roasted on social media as users were surprised how a person who went through high school could make such a blunder

That came to pass and Ugandans moved on but following this whole social media tax implementation which has gotten majority of Ugandans mad, Spice Diana is in the news again over yet another blunder she did concerning the tax

 “You might think that two hundred thousand or two hundred and fifty thousand looks like small money but to some people we see out there, it is really so much. Our fans are not on social media and it hinders our promotion” Spice Diana told the interviewer when giving her say on the social media tax.

This statement might sound and read right but all Spice tried to mean was two hundred shillings which is the actual tax every Ugandan social media user is supposed to pay.

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According to her own understanding, two hundred shillings is two hundred thousand and we don’t know which excuse she will give this round as at first she claimed that she mistook her A Level results with the ordinary level’s by saying she got 32 points

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