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Video: Tamale Mirundi Hurls Obscenities At Bystanders During Live Interview

When hosting controversial journalist and political analyst Tamale Mirundi for an interview or talk show, you should be prepared for any kind of drama or unexpected things and many times it is irresistible.

It is not something new that Tamale has through the years at times done some rather ‘hilariuos’ things on live Television, sometimes out of anger.

A few days ago he was at it again while he was being hosted on “Kasuku Live”, an online television owned by Dembe FM’s Kasuku

Everything seemed like was flowing smoothly until Tamale was disturbed by the background noise that was being made by a group people who were in same venue where the show was being held.

According to the video clip we watched, Tamale was in the middle of stressing a point and that is when he angrily stood up to go tell the group to keep quiet. With no drop of politeness, Tamale is heard shouting on top of his voice speaking Luganda dialect mixed with some English as he hurls insults at the group.

Kasuku is heard trying to calm him down but Tamale continues hurling more insults at them as well as commanding them to get out and go some women to have sex with.

“No no no, it’s not you alone who are here, get out you men, get out. You have disrespected us. Why don’t you keep quiet for sometime. Get out rubbish. We are ones who make this place” Furiuos Tamale shouted at the group

He later returned to resume the show but it was laughter between him and Kasuku as he cooled off his anger

Watch the video here




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