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Video: What Ugandan Artistes Had To Say About Independence

As Uganda celebrated its 53rd Independence yesterday, Chano8 got a chance to interact with several artistes from different music genres like gospel, hip hop, reggae and RnB just to get their understanding of independence and what it means to them as artistes.

The Gwe Aliko star Irene Ntale said,

‘It’s a good thing we got independence, but I don’t think we that independent because we still rely on foreign support but all in all, it was a good thing so we could able to elect our presidents and leaders.’

Hip Hop star Navio said that Independence means we half way towards progress, we half way towards 100 years of progress.

‘I have lived as a free individual and I like my independence.’

Gagamel boss Bebe Cool had a deeper analysis of independence,

‘Every time we make an extra year of independence, it’s a constant reminder that we were once colonized and weren’t able to do the things we wanted. Am glad that Uganda is developing in a positive way, politically, socially, economically. Every passing year you see improvement and am happy that people respect independence. The more the country moves in the right direction, the more us the musicians also succeed because we work mostly on safety.

Mother of two, Lillian Mbabazi said that musically Uganda has grown ever especially when it comes to supporting female artistes,

‘Independence means celebrating a country that has been my home all my life. It has been good to me and it has seen my music career blossom. So am celebrating with every Ugandan out there.’

Highly talented gospel singer Levixone gave thanks to the almighty for the blessings he has given.

‘God has a plan in everything that happens. We all independent but at the end of the day, you have to know your limits.

Rising stars Ivory Namara and Benezeri said Independence means freedom, given the opportunity to write as artiste anything you want.

Have a look at the video below.

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