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Video: When Beyoncé Shoved Woman Who Indulged In A Conversation With Jay-Z

Because Rapper Jay-Z and his wife singer Beyoncé are celebrities, everywhere they go, all eyes are on them, with lots of people wanting to have a chat with or even take photos with them.

There was drama during game 3 of the ongoing National Basketball Association (NBA) finals between Toronto Raptors and Golden State Warriors on Wednesday night. Beyoncé lost her cool by shoving a woman who indulged in a conversation with her husband Jay-Z as they enjoyed the game.

She had initially pretended to stomach it but when she realized that the chat between the woman and the rapper was taking longer, she had to give the starstruck lady a slight shove in what seemed like an attempt to stop their chat that probably nagged her. The moment was caught on video and uploaded on Twitter, with the users of the mobile application quickly jumping to her defense with a series of hilarious memes and tweets.

The 13 second viral video clip shows Queen Bey, doing her best to enjoy the exciting match but consistently finds herself disrupted as the woman identified as Nicole Curran (wife to Golden State Warriors’ owner Joe Lacob) cuts across her to chat with Jay-Z.

One twitter user who was in defense of Beyonce tweeted, “I personally, think that #Beyoncé was probably tired of all the chattering”. “Good morning to everyone except this wh*te lady that was annoying TF out of Beyoncé last night” another tweeted

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