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VIDEO: Why Weasel Publicly Fired Goodlyfe Manager Chagga

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Chagga has been the longest serving manager of Goodlyfe but like they say, ‘Even the good things come to an end.’ His time is up and he might just find something else or someone else to manage. This comes after Weasel, the remaining musician from the singing duo of Goodlyfe decided to fire him late yesterday.

Weasel poured out his anger in a video clip where he said Chagga was forcing him to perform yet he was still grieving for his fallen friend Radio.

“You can’t even give me time to grieve. Radio had just died but you were telling me to go to Busia. You want me to sing when am not yet fully recovered!” he said.

Adding that the former Leone Island musician should apologize to him and his family for the things he has been saying. “You need to apologize to me and my family. You don’t make me work by force. I am stressed and as per now, YOU ARE FIRED!” Weasel barked.

watch Weasel firing Manager Chagga (Video credit: Spark TV)

Prior to that, Chagga, had said that Bryan White was misleading Weasel because of the little money he was offering him. He added that Weasel no longer had time for studio, gigs and his family and that all he is thinking about is Bryan White who also took him to Mbarara to launch his Foundation.


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