Videos: Fik Fameica Mesmerises Children At The Mixa In Business Expo 2018

Photos and video by Habre Muriisa/Chano8

We don’t know what MixaKids and SMS ONE the organizers of the 2nd annual Mixa In Business Expo were going to tell the children who thronged Uganda Museum Grounds if rapper Fik Fameica had not made it.

Children were more than eager to watch Fik perform and this proved that he has a very big fan base in the children, going by what we saw during his performance. Even before he could perform, the children were already shouting ‘Fik Fameica, Fik Fameica’ and at exactly 3:45 PM, he took to the stage amid lots of ululations from the hundreds of children who had gathered near the stage to watch him

As the children sang along, Fik put up an energetic performance as he performed songs like ‘Sconto’, ‘Gwe Abisobola’, ‘Kutama’, ‘Tonsukuma’, ‘My Property’ and lastly ‘Mafia’. He was accompanied by dancer Wembly who pulled his usual breathtaking and eye catching dance moves that excited the children more

Apart from the awesome performance at what we are comfortable calling the biggest children in business expo of 2018, Fik had a word of advice for the children. He advised them to be patient, study hard and believe in God who is the source of all good things and wisdom

Fik left the children yearning for more because after his performance, children followed him up to the parking lot where his car was before he waved at them and drove away.


Watch the videos here

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