Videos: Vinka Spreads Her Wings To Kenya With Exciting Performance

It is now a year and some months since Vinka real names Veronica Lugya made her way on the music scene and we are safe to say that so far so good, going by the work she has displayed since her debut on the music industry.

Vinka has managed to keep relevant although more work is needed to keep her at the level she is or even put her at a better level. For the past 6 days, the Swangz Avenue record label’s latest signing has been in Nairobi, Kenya where she had gone to do some projects with some of Kenya’s finest artistes but it did not only stop at just that. What started as a plan to do music projects turned into a media of sorts as we saw her posting photos of her in studios of different Kenyan radio and TV stations

Vinka’s latest appearance on Kenyan TV was one at Citizen TV Kenya’s ‘10 Over 10’ show where she proved her prowess when it comes to stage performance. As fans cheered her on her on as well as singing along, Vinka performed some of her tunes like ‘Love Doctor’, ‘Over Dose’, ‘Chips Na Ketchup’ among others. She accompanied her performance with some dance moves which got the crowd hooked more on her performance.

“What’s up Kenya I am so glad to be here. My name is Vinka straight out of Uganda” Vinka told the excited fans who were enjoying her performance

This TV appearance did not only see Vinka perform but it also helped her increase her  fan base in Kenya especially basing on the fact the her ‘Chips Na Ketchup’ tune is doing well over there,

 Watch the videos here

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