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From Village Boy To Top City Stylist. The Story Of Brian Ahumuza Of Abryanz Collection

He is one of Uganda’s top most stylists but not many people know the story of the rise of a young city stylist and businessman who is going places.

He is dressing local celebrities and organizing fashion awards in Kampala. His shop at Garden City is well stocked and well designed. The man behind all this is a young man from Masindi.

24-year old Brian Ahumuza came to Kampala as an unknown youth full of energy and full of dreams. He had a sense of style and passion to dress well and look good not knowing one day it could turn out to be a great career for him and his siblings.

When Chano8 visited the soft spoken stylist in his shop at Garden City, he was not the ‘difficult celebrity’ type of person we were expecting. He was free and easy going and generous with the way he answered questions during the exclusive interview.

Brian in his shop

Brian in his shop

His story of a journey that started as a simple village boy from Masindi ‘is very long’ he warns us. But he offers to break it down and make it as simple as possible.

It all started when Brian arrived from Masindi while in his senior six vacation in 2008. He desperately wanted a job and after a brief search, landed on one at Huewei Technologies as a cleaner. However his passion for fashion and style made him the smartest man at work and eventually his colleagues started sending him to do for them shopping where he bought his clothes from.

He later decided to do this as a side source of income which eventually grew after his promotion form cleaner to front desk administrator and then transport officer. He decided to resign from his job and also drop out in his third year to concentrate on business after being overwhelmed with orders and business deals.

He later made friends with local celebrities in the entertainment industry like NTV’s Douglas Lwanga, Kelvin the Entertainer and Kim Swagga who later also introduced him to others like Jose Chameleone and the rest as they say is history.


Zari in the Dress for Success campaign

Brian since then established the Abryanz Collection which grew to what it is now at Garden City with branches ‘downtown’. He is currently running a campaign called Dress for Success intended at changing the perception and attitude of the youth about sensible dressing and positive image.

You can read the full inspirational story of Brian in our September Issue of Chano8 Magazine here at https://chano8.com/

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