Vince Musisi Ex Hubby To NTV’s Josephine Karungi Sues Uber

Vince Musisi the ex-hubby to NTV’s news anchor Josephine Karungi has filed a case of “Threatening violence” against 10 agents who sent him death threats and requested the Police for protection. Through a law firm, he has also issued Uber an intention to sue notice for trying to defraud him.

Trouble started on Tuesday, January 9, when Vince sought the services of Uber for a ride from Kabalagala Equity Bank to Cynibel Supermarket Kiwatule. He was thus picked up by a one Belinda Semakula driving Toyota Probox UAU 396V.

When he reached Kiwatule, the Uber driver asked him to pay him a bill of Shs90,000!  However, being a city smart client, Vince told her off since the receipt reflected Shs31,000 which he paid.  However, the driver rejected to end the trip and demanded for Shs.90,000.

The documents Vince served Uber for intentions to sue.

According to Vince, the driver showed him a screenshot of a previous client’s bill as a way to hoodwink and fraudulently overcharge him. When he contacted Uber, he was ignored.

 Vince went to his facebook page and posted

“ I was almost ripped off by your driver today who refused to end the trip and asked for 90k from kabalagala to kiwatule but I insisted until I saw the uber receipt and it was 31k which I paid but the driver complained that I didn’t pay which I did in front of multiple witnesses. When I reported to Uber … bantiisa butiisa ku sente zange with harsh responses and threats??? Come on!. UBER DRIVERS HAVE OLD SCREEN SHOTS FROM OLD TRIPS and they flash them to you”

Briefly, Vince reveals to us that he expects Uber to compensate him with 150m for the death threats Uber drivers were exchanging with him and trying to defraud him. He further claims, his businesses came to a standstill and he has lost so much money.

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