Vinka And Irene Ntale Set To Drop Their First Collabo

We don’t really want to go back to the stories of Irene Ntale leaving Swangz Avenue, which camp she is in, who replaced her at Swangz etc. The news coming to our desk is that Swangz Avenue camp’s Vinka and former member Irene Ntale are releasing a fresh audio and video for their new collabo dubbed ‘Stylo’.

It is a Love Dancehall tune produced by Eli Arkhis in which Vinka is heard singing about a ‘hot’ man who she loves and how he makes her and other girls blush everywhere they see him. She confesses how the man is the best she knows and the video is a real Dancehall set up where we see night scenes in a ware house.


Vinka and Irene Ntale

From the trailer chano8 watched, the video set-up looks on point as we see Irene standing in a cage and Vinka who is in thick leather attire later pulls some dance moves alongside other vixens all in the 20-second video teaser that has raised anticipation in the fans so far. This video that was shot and directed by Swangz Video’s Marvin Musoke follows another that Vinka recently dropped to her first ever song ‘Level’which introduced her on to the Dancehall scene.

Although Vinka and Irene are rumoured not to be seeing eye to eye, Julius Kyazze the boss of Swangz Avenue told Chano8, that they are working under a contract and fans should brace themselves for yet another brand new audio and video to the ‘Stylo’ tune.

Watch the trailer for Vinka and Irene Ntals’s ‘Stylo’ collabo below

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