Vinka And Irene Ntale Team Up In New ‘Stylo’ Video

Photo by Aaronaire of Swangz Avenue
  • Swangz Avenue’s Vinka and Irene Ntale released a fresh audio and video for their collabo song ‘Stylo’
  • Irene Ntale realeases a song with former Swangz Avenue camp member Vinka
  • ‘Stylo’ becomes Vinka’s second song after ‘Level’

Irene Ntale’s sudden exit from the Swangz Avenue music label where she had been for four years created a lot of controversy in the public and if you can remember those days, it was all over the news as it took many by surprise.

Well, it came to pass with the birth of a new Dancehall artiste Vinka who had been Ntale’s manager although many said that she (Vinka) was the quickest replacement of Ntale something Swangz Avenue management rubbished. Regardless, the two artistes had to hit Eli Arkhis studio and record a song dubbed ‘Stylo’.

For a while, the two had teased their ardent fans on social media with a 20-second video trailer but all that became history yesterday when the video and audio were finally officially released for the world to see.

‘Stylo’ the audio

Sang in 3 languages Luganda, English and some Jamaican Patois, ‘Stylo’ is a Love Dancehall tune in which they sing about a ‘hot’ man whom they love and how he makes them and other girls blush everywhere they see him. In some lines, Vinka confesses how the man is ‘the best’ she knows where as Ntale needs to cherish and give him everything he needs in order to win his love.

All this is manifested in the chorus that simply goes as ‘Onkuba onkyuusa stylo abawala obakuba mayilo your body nice and your stylo you are the best I know’ loosely meaning that ‘I fall for you, you change my style and make girls go crazy, your body is nice, you are the best I know.”

‘Stylo’ the video

The 3-minutes and 18 seconds video shot and directed by Marvin Musoke of Swangz Video, portrays the real gangster feel in the video which is set up in a ware house whose walls are designed with graffiti paintings. It is not about just the paintings but other things like costume, fire burning in the metallic barrels, the wire mesh, old car tyres which turns the entire setting into one irresistible composition to watch.

The other thing is how Xenson the costume designer comes up with eye catching attire which the artistes and video vixens are clad in. Vinka also spices up the video to her best with the energetic dance moves she pulls alongside the dancers in almost every scene which remind us of Rihanna’s dance moves in her ‘Disturbia’ video.

The entire video was shot in a dark ware house however; the video director did a good job of lighting up the scenes with effects from editing and the burning fires in the background. Black is the dominating colour in the costumes which sets the mood of the song probably to reflect the theme of the song which is done well.

 Check out some of the the behind the scenes photos of ‘Stylo’ video shoot ( photos by Aaronaire of Swangz Avenue)

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Watch the video below

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