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‘Vinka Is Selfish And Her Career Might End Soon’ – Promoter Jose Link Speaks Out

Following the destruction of property in London by angry fans after Ugandan artistes snubbed performing at the Royal Regency Manor Park, the man behind the show known as Joseph Kigundu alias Jose Link has come up and opened up about what exactly happened.

He says that Vinka is selfish which is bad for her early career and shouldn’t have refused to perform at the show.

“I spent 20million on Vinka alone to take her to London and when she reached, she declined performing saying she needed balance before stepping on the stage. For someone who had already paid that much to an artiste, I wouldn’t fail to raise the remaining balance. It’s her greed for money that is going to be her downfall,” Jose Link said in a clip that self-made Facebook blogger Rita Kaggwa shared to her followers.

The promoter who reportedly took Vinka to London for a show.

He further added that he was disappointed to learn that the Swangz Avenue musician performed in a bar the next day for lesser money. “She might be on form right now but her career will end by next year if she continues doing things like that.”

Vinka had earlier told her fans that she and other artistes couldn’t perform at the show because the organizer failed to honour terms of the agreements they signed which included full payment before stepping on stage. She branded the promoter as ‘incompetent’.

Vinka refused to step on stage in London.

“My London fans.. It’s unfortunate that a sold out show couldn’t go on as planned. The promoter violated his contractual obligations at all fronts and failed to manage the event program well leaving you to endure long opening acts and you evidently ran out of patience. As a result the show couldn’t continue under those circumstances.

We apologize for having dealt with an incompetent event planner. We promise to do better next time.We promise to do better next time”. She said.


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