Vinka Melts Revellers At Maverick Pool Party

Swangz Avenue’s star singer Vinka provided the highlight of the night at the Maverick Pool Party over the weekend as she took revelers to a musical journey where she melted them down with some of her top latest hits.

The  incredible Vinka, who took to the stage a few minutes to 9pm, performed some of her hit songs like ‘Mapozi’, ‘Bigambo’, ‘Amaaso’ and her latest, ‘Bebe’ which features Romanian singer and writer Inna.

She spiced up her performance with a smooth dance as she wriggled her way into the hearts of many fans who cheered her on as she freely mingled with them.

Vinka excites fans at the Maverick Pool Party.

The Maverick Pool Party venue had been kept as a top secret, hyping the excitement in the process. There was no mention of the destination even on the party buses that ferried partiers from Lugogo.

When they finally got to Kira Country Resort, 500 metres away from Kira Municipality – a cool and flamboyant out-of-town venue, revellers mixed, mingled, swam, and swayed to ballads from Bantu Vibes while sipping on Uganda Waragi cocktails.

Uganda Waragi was plenty as the revellers blasted away

Slay queens slipped on the latest swimwear that flattered their curvy bodies, while their male counterparts used the chance to show off their well-built, masculine bodies.

Vinka’s appearance only enhanced the party mood as the fun and merry-making continued deep into the night with giggles and hearty laughters filling in the cool air and mixing the breeze with party flavours.

DJ Aleza and DJ Ssese spiced up the party with some crazy mixes.

Some couples took it to another level as they had fun together in the pool

As usual they slay queens are always available with their smart phones capturing the best selfies

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