Vinka Premieres Her New Collabo ‘Bebe’ Featuring Romanian Singer Inna At A Cocktail Party

5 months after signing to Sony Music in June, singer Vinka has started making mega moves to push her music career to greater heights. On Tuesday she dropped and premiered her new collabo song ‘Bebe’ with Romanian EDM singer Inna and it is expected to see her tap in the European market

The media cocktail party which was attended by journalists from different media houses took place at Vinka’s record label Swangz Avenue’s offices located in Kampala Industrial Area on Monday evening

It was chiller evening that saw Vinka talk about her experience working with Inna who is one of the hottest singers in Europe.

The love song which was sang in French, Swahili and Luganda sees Vinka sing herself in French as if she if French and this got some people asking how she did it.

She shared how the song was recorded more than 4 four times to perfection and she was excited to finally premiere it in the presence of the media

Julius Kyazze, one of the bosses at Swangz expressed his pride in Vinka who has had a visible impact on the music scene ever since came on the scene in early 2017

Bebe’s audio was produced at Global Records and the video was produced by Loops Production based in Romania

Apart from the media, the video premiere party was attended by top City Djs like Naselow, Selector Jay, Crim and Nimrod

Vinka has a short speech before the official premiere


Some of the attendees at the video premiere cocktail party


Watch the video below

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