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Vision Group Could Close Urban T.V.


Urban TV is one of the television channels that are trending with their new spin on average programs has everyone hooked to their shows. News reaching us is that they may be forced to close soon due to the feud between their parent media house, Vision Group and Sports TV.

The word on the streets is that Urban TV was a result of an agreement between Sports TV and Vision Group, sharing broadcasting time and allowing Vision to have an extra channel (Urban TV). Sports TV claims that the contract has been breached and is ready to take legal action against the Vision group.

In a statement Sports Television wrote:

We haven’t been in touch for a long time and this is why: a few years ago, Vision Group asked us to help them set up an English Channel to widen their media offering to Ugandan audiences. We entered an agreement to share broadcast time and Vision Group took over our equipment and started broadcasting as Urban TV. We had our issues from the start – in the name of testing the signal they had completely taken sports off-air, not respecting what we agreed to do. Anyway – they bought from UBC the frequency Urban TV is using now, and they started broadcast of Bukedde 2 on Sports TV’s channel. Soon after they took our station off-air. We asked for our equipment to be returned by Vision Group ignored our request and KEPT our equipment – complete Sports TV studio console, editing and playout equipment, studio-transmitter link, 3KWa digital-ready broadcast transmitter and 16-pannel omnidirectional antennae system. Ugandans are deprived of watching free sports 24-7. Moreover, did you know that Sports TV has the rights to broadcast Fox Sports 24-7? This is what is unfairly and unjustly taken away from Ugandans. We hope the justice will prevail soonest so we can resume normal broadcast and bring you the best Fox Sports has to offer, including local programs with sports news, society, entertainment etc.

We are awaiting Vision Group’s M.D Robert Kabushenga to respond, but should Sports TV succeed, then Urban TV will be no more.

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