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VJ Junior Locked Up

VJ Junior has started feeling the pressure of being an active politician only that his arrest yesterday was based on other things not related to politics.

Vj Junior real names Marysmats Matovu was yesterday arrested along with his colleague Geoffrey Bbosa under the orders of Father Simon Lokodo, the State Minister for Ethics and Integrity on grounds that they have been producing and circulating pornographic material.

The Video Jockey and his colleague were first detained at Wilson Road Police post before they were taken to the CIID headquarters in Kibuli.

From here, the minister was able to talk to Junior and explain to him why he was arrested and what he wants him to do if he wanted to be released.

“I have evidence beyond reasonable doubt to lock you up for damaging the moral fibre of this country. You are a producer, a trafficker and a distributor of pornographic material which has circulated throughout the country.” Father Lokodo told VJ Junior. 

He even requested him to become a State witness, then help Government to locate and apprehend other criminals of that kind who are still at large but Junior denied the allegations and also declined the offer. 

The two will be kept behind bars as investigations are carried out before they will be taken to court.


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