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Wale Wale: Dr Jose Chameleone ’s Prayer For Prosperity And Good Life

You have probably listened to Chameleone ’s latest song ‘ Wale Wale ’. If you haven’t then what are you waiting for? This is an African classic in the making.

Chameleone's Wale Wale

Chameleone Wale Wale

The composition embellishes a combination of African beats and Rhythm complete with prayer.

In the prayer Chameleone asks for good health, food and education for his children. He sings in a mixture of English, Kiswahili and Luganda;

How you maintain your ability,
You’re lucky to have plenty,
Others in insanity,
But tell me the way,
How to uplift my community,
Tell me the way,
How to live better and live greater!

Although Dr Jose Chameleone sounds like he is seeking inspiration and advice from a rich successful person seated right in front of him, he actually is Seeking divine intervention from God. He presents his challenges and what he wishes forin life and asks how he can achieve them. He asks ‘God’ to show him the way to success. If others can do it, why not me? he asks.

The catchy afro-beats is definitely inspired by Orchestra Super Mazembe’s Monster hit ‘Kassongo’. The popular band formed in 1974 was based in Kenya playing Lingala (Soukous) music. Their biggest hit was “Shauri Yako”, a cover song originally performed by Nguashi Ntimbo and Festival Du Zaire. The infectious base line from ‘Kassongo’ is familiar in this song produced by producer Kayz for Leone Island 2015 projects.

You can also feel some West African and Congolese flavour in the flow in the wale Le le le le just like Werrason’s animated tunes Le le le le le in Techno Malewa Mecanique album.

Some critics have however observed that Chameleone could actually be confiding in tycoons and very powerful people he met recently including Property mogul Sudhir Ruparelia.

Chameleone with Sudhir Ruparelia

Chameleone with Sudhir Ruparelia

Hopefully when his prayers are answered, he will be just like the people he is looking up to in the song: Seseko, Sambutu, Savimbi Salva kir, Kaguta, Kikwete, Kenyatta, Kabila and Kagame so as to inspire and change people’s lives.

Chameleone is also preparing for The One man, One night, One (Million) show slated for 19th December 2014 at Kampala Serena Hotel in which he expects a loyal fan base of loaded people he could be referring to in this song. Let us see how Wale Wale performs compared to his other hits.

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