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Walukagga Promises Big Ahead Of Concert

Sir Matthias Walukagga has etched his name into the books of Ugandan music. He is one of the veteran Kadongo Kamu singers the Pearl of Africa has, since he has consistently maintained his genre. He also has a big fan base from the songs he has released for example ‘Namboole’, ‘Tulepuke’ among many others. He is not about to stop.


Sir Mathias Walukagga promises big at his upcoming concert

The ‘Munna-Buddu’ has lined up a concert dubbed ‘Refree Munsendere’ slated to take place on Friday the 13th of May at Freedom City going for 10,000 ordinary and 20,000 VIP. He assures his fans that they should prepare for some of his finest servings of music.

‘I promise all my fans the best that day and let them leave the rest for me. The time I have spent doing music and performing for my fans, I know what they want. Every now and then I continue to master my experience in this so my fans should only come for the best.” Sir Mathias said.


Sir Mathias Walukagga to his fans thye best at ‘Refree Munsendere’ concert

The Kadongo Kamu guru will push the same concert to Kasangati at Afro Club on Saturday the 14th May and finally his ancestral home in Masaka at Laston Gardens come Sunday the 15th and all shows go for 10,000 Ugandan shillings. He has a host of famed stars alongside him like Ghetto president Bobi Wine, David Lutalo, Ziza Bafana, Chris Evans, Evelyn Lagu, Betty Mpologoma and the Vision Heros.


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