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All I Wanted Was To Be Great – A Pass

Everybody has a story but how you choose to develop yourself as an individual often sets the pace of your life. When dancehall artist A Pass was just a kid, he didn’t care about knowing music but all that mattered to him was doing it and that was his defining moment in life.

The Nva Kampala artist didn’t have to wait until Thursday before he could share a throwback photo, what he had to get off his chest was time bound, one could say.

‘That little boy in a T-Shirt grew up to be A PASS … I have never cared about knowing music, I cared about doing it because it’s interesting for me and that has been my driving force, all i have ever wanted was to be great at it but for the fan of it, not because I was going to earn big money but because I loved it,‘ he said before he went on to share an adorable picture of himself dressed in a military t-shirt.

A Pass shares his adorable throwback picture

A Pass shares his adorable throwback picture

The self-proclaimed teacher further went on to motivate his fans, ‘if you truly want it so bad you will find a way, if you don’t want it so bad you will find excuses. And thats how you know if you are really interested in something and if you are interested you work for it. You have to be your number one fan, you have to push yourself and you have to believe in yourself. Follow your heart and listen to the small voice in your head.’

The singer who has often had peculiar statements, like threatening to quit music if his Nva Kampala album flopped or declaring his love for Flavia and Fabiola just to get the fans talking, has surely won over lots of fans thanks to his music.

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