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Was Rema’s Floral Dress Ringing Wedding Bells To Eddy Kenzo?

All Photos by Habre Muriisa/Chano8

Rema Namakula and Eddy Kenzo’s relationship is one that is so much in the media. Last year, the rumours of their breakup were so rife in the media and at some point in time, it was reported that Eddy Kenzo abandoned their home and was pushing out with a side chick.

Whether those rumours were real or not, the country does not care but all we are waiting for is the day they go the mosque for the official wedding especially basing on the fact that they already have a child together.

Taking about the weeding, while performing at her sold out Banyabo VIP concert that filled Kampala Serena Hotel’s  Victoria Hall to capacity on 9th March, Rema shocked the revellers when on her third time of changing cloths, she came back clad in a humongous floral dress.

The dress designed by fashion designer Dyna Vence Ruvuza did not only shock the revellers but also surprised them as it was all over the stage but what people did not understand is that Rema was ringing wedding bells to Eddy Kenzo who was seated in the VIP section.

That session that saw Rema in the amazing floral dress was strictly dedicated to love and women. Even the songs she performed were about love and women like ‘No Woman No Cry’ by Bob Marley but one that caught more people’s attention was when she performed ‘Kirungi’

She performed it while looking at the position where Kenzo and crew were seated as Kenzo looked on in total humbleness as Fans cheered. We are very sure Rema’s message was passed on to the ‘Sitya Loss’ singer and we hope one day Kenzo will walk her down the isle

We have the photos here.

Rema seeing where Eddy Kenzo was seated as she performed ‘Kirungi’

Eddy Kenzo looking as Rema performing

Watch Rema perfroming ‘Kirungi’




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