Washington Finally Drops The ‘Kintu Riddim’ Featuring Chameleone, Radio and Weasel

Photo by Habre Muriisa/Chano8

You ought to have listened to a few of music projects done by producer Washington of late but it does not mean that he faded away. He chose to reduce on the number of projects for better quality and perfection purposes. Talking about quality and perfection, Washington displayed the two combined in a new rhythm (commonly known as Riddim) dubbed ‘Kintu’ which was dropped this week.

The Reggae Riddim features Washington himself and artistes Chameleone, Radio and Weasel.

Chameleone’s single ‘Kilabe’ is a song that tells a love story expressing a man’s feelings over a very pretty girl in the village who is not admired by him alone but also other boys who are dying to have a piece of her.

Radio jumps on the same Riddim with two songs one dubbed ‘Kasubo Jane’ which is his mother’s name and her dedication tune at that. He sings his heart out praising the mother of the things she did for him among which include guiding, advising him and on top of it all, inheriting his mothers sweet voice which has taken him places because of the good songs he sings with it.

As if that was not enough, Radio also voiced another single off the Riddim entitled ‘Kintu’ which tells the traditional story of how the ethnic group name ‘Bantu’ we learnt in primary school came about.

Washington the producer also come in with tune called ‘Democracy’ in which he expresses how it has divided the world causing disagreements, killings, unrest and too much hatred.

Weasel concludes the Riddim with a tune dubbed ‘Kankuwaane’ which is Luganda for ‘let me praise you’. It’s also a love song in which he praises the girl of his love and promises to never leave her

He assures the lady of the how he is the only man whom she deserves and how he is ready to protect her and give her everything she desires all in the name of

love he has for the her


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