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Watoto Drama Sheds Light On Spirituality

George is a successful man, whose pride has taken over his Christian soul. Aboard a flight one day, he meets Kibibi village-mate Fred, who asks him about Christ. George calls this petty and childish. Amid his continuous display of pomp, the plane crashes. The two wake up, before heaven’s Gates, with the question of whether they will go in or to hell largely on their minds. This is one of the scenes in Watoto’s stage drama, Heaven’s Gates and Hell’s Flames.

watoto 1

Fred receives a hug from Jesus as he enters Heaven

The 90 minute show has been around Uganda since the 90s and continues to grow. Seeing the full in house crowd is testimony to the impact it has had on Ugandans over the years. In its different scenes, it portrays how suddenly death can occur. After the death, the actors awake, right in front of the Gates of Heaven. There, the angel of life looks for their names in the book of life, sentencing them to heaven or hell depending on the life they lived on earth. The heaven-goers are jubilant, while those sent to hell are in regret and misery.


The drunkard chats with his beer prior to his death


The Devil’s angels pounce on the drunkard after his death

According to James Lalobo, a pastor at the church, the play aims at showing people that no one knows the time their life will end, yet sadly it must.

“People should make sure that when the time comes, they are prepared.” He told chano8.

“By the time they are done watching, they should be able to answer the question of ‘Am I ready?’” he added.

watoto 5

George, flanked by Fred sparks a cigarette onset in the plane

Pastor Lalobo mentioned that the best way of preparation is by totally entrusting your life in Jesus Christ.

“Preparation is by putting your Trust in Christ, because then you are guaranteed” he concluded.

Indeed, it has changed the lives of multitudes, as many give their lives up to Christ right after the show. This miracle working play shows daily till Saturday 15th April, with four different showings. At 12pm, 2pm, 4pm and 6pm, all at Watoto Church Downtown in Kampala. Entrance is free to all.


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