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‘Wavah Could Have Saved WBS TV’ – Mackenzie

WBS TV channel was yesterday taken off air and replaced with Kwese Tv Sport who bought it off but the news of the closure of the station didn’t go down well with some people, radio presenter Brian Mckenzie being in the lead.


Mr Gordon Wavamunno 

Having worked at the station for over two years, Mckenzie now at RadioCity blames Mr Gordon Wavamunno for what happened at the station and believes he could have saved it if he wanted to. “I still think Chairman could have saved this station if he wanted. No one else is to blame. NO ONE!!” Mckenzie said on his Facebook page.WBS New

The former Hot 100 presenter kick-started his career at WBS TV, presenting Jam Agenda and later Showtime magazine during the time the station was undergoing a transition. It’s during this time that presenters like Barbra Yata, Dave Kazoora, Collin Sserubiri had all quit. He played a vital role in maintaining its stability but it wasn’t long before he too quit.wbs Mckenzie is however always grateful to WBS TV. “WBS Thank you for giving me a chance to do what i always prayed and hoped for. Many people I worked with LOVED WBS and were working tirelessly mostly with little or no pay, I remember a cameraman collapsing at the station because he had not medicated himself yet he was on duty. I never wanted to leave when I did because I was doing my dream show and plus it was the only HiHop Platform left on Tv at the time but business is business.” He said.

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