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”We Are Busy”- Social Media Users Shun #TheKatatumbaChallenge

Usually, posting a few of the behind the scenes photos of an upcoming music video is one way artistes use to promote their songs.

Information we have has it that singer Angella Katatumba who is lately in more love with the microphone, will be releasing a new song with a video very soon.

The song is said to about a rich chick who falls in love with a rich man and the video will be showing her lavish lifestyle. To create hype for this new project, one of the behind the scenes photos of the video shoot leaked and it has been one of the topics of discussion on social media since Monday.

The photo shows the model Angella who looks like she has fallen down while stepping out of her car while holding her Hennessy bottle and some bundles of USA dollars and this has reminded us of the ‘Falling Stars Challenge’ that went viral globally in 2018.

As if that wasn’t enough, Angie decided to twist things when she took to her social media platforms shared the same photo, this time calling people to try the ‘The Katatumba Challenge’

With all the hopes that social media users were quickly going to jump on the challenge and post photos of themselves imitating her, it seems like it is not the case from the look of things.

Singer Angella Katatumba calls social media users for ‘The Katatumba Challenge’

Instead of participating, social media users especially on twitter have let her participate alone. They have resorted to making fun of her over the fact that the challenge hasn’t trended and people haven’t participated. Is it because they maybe don’t have the Henessy and bundles of US dollars?

“Why is #TheKatatumbaChallenge not trending?” Kenny At a Twitter user asked. “Many things have taken up Ugandans on twitter buh at least #thekatatumbachallenge won’t work.” Said Adonia I

Usually, when people are willing to, it takes a few hours for the challenge to trend but Angella’s, this was probably a bad timing.






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