“We Are Taking It To Another Level”-Chameleone Declares After Announcing New Management

At a press conference held at the Kamwokya based Sky Lounge And Restaurant on Tuesday evening the 4th of February, veteran musician Jose Chameleone announced and unveiled a new manager who will for a non specified time frame, handle all the musician’s bookings locally and also the distribution of his music far and wide among other things concerning his music career

Bijou Fortunate who is renowned city events manager with her own company called Muchachos Uganda is now the person to contact in case you need Chameleone’s services as an artiste.

Chameleone said that he has been friends with Bijou for a long time and after a recent lengthy conversation, he asked her and she accepted to be his new manager and she promised to push his brand to greater level.

In his words, Chamili as he is sometimes called ha thanked his former managers like Mutima, Basima Ogenze, Sam Mukasa among others for whatever they added on to his career.

“I have been working with Bijou for very many years, we’ve been doing business on the side and she is my personal friend. Recently upon a lengthy talk, we sat down with Bijou and she accepted to be my new manager and we agreed that we are going to flip this thing and take it to a new level locally and internationally” Chameleone said

“My new achievement which has been announced today is being Chameleone’s new manager. I have worked with him for so long. I kindly as for your support, the media especially. This is a new milestone in my life and I promise that I will do it very well” Said Bijou

Bijou speaking at the presser

Asked why an artiste of his brand chose a person who has never managed any artiste(s) before and whether he thinks Bijou will do a good job, Chameleone had this say.

“I am the one who has been teaching all the people I have had as managers how to do artiste management. The time I have known Bijou for, I will be honest with you, she is better than you know. I first screened her.”

Who Is Bijou?

She started off as a dancer who featured in Jackie Chandiru’s ‘Gold Digger’, Eddy Kenzo’s ‘Super Power’, ‘Sweet Lady’ by Radio (RIP) among other videos. From there she joined now defunct Club Rouge as a marketer and events director. She also joined events and talent management company Talent Africa from where she left to start her own company Muchachos.


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