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We Can Only Resolve Uganda’s Problem By Seeking Truth And Justice – Bobi Wine

With FDC leader Kizza Besigye still under house arrest, few Ugandans have been allowed the opportunity to go and visit him. Yesterday, Andrew Mwenda paid visit to Besigye’s house and he had this to say about their meeting,

‘I told Dr. Besigye that truth is never objective but subjective; it is plural and not singular. We will never resolve the truth of who won the last presidential election but we can begin a dialogue on how to build a better future for our country. I hope all sides to the Uganda political debate see the need to work together rather than to work against each other. Hate will not bring us deliverance but destruction.’ 

His post received a lot of comments with Ghetto president Bobi Wine getting in on the action saying,

I real found you hypocritical Andrew, we can only resolve Uganda’s problem by seeking truth and justice. We can not start using injustice as a way of drawing people to the talking table. This is not about M7 or Besigye, it’s about Ugandans.’

Cover photo of Bobi Wine's new song Situka

Cover photo of Bobi Wine’s new song Situka

Bobi Wine has surely won over a lot of hearts with his message of peace during the election period and it was these same grounds that he also released his Situka song, that calls on people to stand up for their rights.

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