“We Have Never Been Vulgar”-Mad Rat And Chiko Defend Their Style Of Comedy

So many comedians have made a name for themselves in comedy industry by being vulgar. People like MC Mariachi, MC Kapale and Amooti Omubalanguzi to mention but a few are some of them.

They are vulgar in that some people in the audience have been seen walking out of theatres with their children whom they don’t want to be subject to such kind of language.

Mad Rat and Chiko have also been put in that category of comedians but the comedy duo during their recent press conference announcing the return of their annual ‘Nseko Buseko’  show season 3, denied those allegations.

“We have been around for a very long time but never at any one time have we been vulgar. We perform for high profile people who deserve respect. We perform for ministers, MP’s and others and with this kind of crowd, you wouldn’t dare mention some words otherwise you will see people moving out of the show,” emphasized Mad Rat.

Chiko on the other hand said that besides the dignitaries, there are also underage children in their audience and they can’t ever dare be vulgar to them.

Bugingo Hannington, the president of the Uganda comedians association who also in attendance at the press conference also chipped in saying that they are in the process of cubing this tendency from comedians because it’s killing the industry.

Comedians Mad Rat and Chiko distanced themselves from vulgarity(Photo by Habre Muriisa/Chano8)


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