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‘We Made It’, A Relieved Jose Chameleone Declares After One Man One Million Show

A relieved Jose Chameleone was almost in tears as he concluded his One Million One Man show at Kampala Serena Hotel and kept bellowing ‘we made it’ ‘we made’ a clear sign that he had just survived a massive concert flop scare.

The truth is no one has doubted Chameleone’s talent and ability to perform on the big stage. However the questions that continued lingering in many people’s minds and lips was whether he could actually pull off a concert whose charges were out of this world for a country dominated by extremely poor citizens.

Well the answer was a big yes as the crowds finally filled Serena’s Victoria hall to capacity. Although it was not that easy as tension was sky high by the time the chief guest First lady and Mininster of Karamoja affairs Mama Janet Museveni gracefully walked into the hall.

Chamili we made it Chamili2

Mama Museveni who is known to be a good time keeper walked into the hall on time but was too early for the average Ugandans who had not turned up by then. Jose Chameleone was under intense pressure to perform because the chief guest was only at the concert for a ‘limited time’

Renown events MC Isaac Rucci who was the host almost went into stammer mode while announcing the presence of the chief guest and you could sense panic as the band started getting ready for the evening’s performance with the hall half empty or half full depending on which side you see fit..

Chameleone the man of the night gathered his courage and confidence and straight away went into business with his block buster hit song Wale Wale o kick start the evening and was joined by a team of Karamonjong who came in to represent their homeland for who the concert was organised to raise money for charity.

Chameleone first Lady

Chameleone handing over the gift

And after Chameleone had sang a few of his old song, Junior minister for Karamoja Barbara Oundo was called to make a brief remark before inviting Chief guest Janet Museveni to officially open the concert and thanked Chameleone for organising a concert for a good cause.

By the time the chief guest was leaving around 9:30PM, there were long queues outside with many fans still coming in. Chameleone then performed many of his big hits over the years like gimme gimme, Shida Za Dunia, Vumulia, Bei Kali, Nekolera Mali, Kipepewo, Kwagala, Tuonge, Nkoye Okwegaamba  Bayuda, Valu Vlu and many others  before handing a Christmas gift of a painting to Janet who left with her entourage.

Chamili one million

The hall was eventually filled to capacity

Soon all the people who were being held by security checks outside poured in and the concert came to life with Chameleon’s spirit sky rocketing to the delight of the fans who kept singing along to his songs. He then concluded by saying we made it, Team Chameleone we made after seeing a packed Victoria hall.

This is his message to fans as he thanked them for turning up in big numbers.

“Thanks to everybody that believed In the dream to this bright up the night. Most especially the Guest of Honour First Lady of the Uganda Republic. It was a long anticipated!!!!! ONE MILLION NIGHT EXPERIENCE!!!!!

We made it!!!!

Thanks to every Artiste that honoured the Cause from. Home to neighbourhood!!!



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