Weasel And 7 Singers Summoned At CID Offices After Radio’s Mother Complains

Radio’s mother decides to take matters into her own hands by reporting Weasel and his group

Ms Jane Kasubo, mother to the late Mowzey Radio has reported seven local musicians to CID accusing them of duplicating and selling off her son’s songs. We have learnt.

Among the accused is Weasel, Chagga and Emotions Musinguzi. All these come from Goodlyf which happens to be the same label that the late was signed to.

They have all been summoned to report to Kibuli CID Headquarters without fail to respond to the allegations and failure to do so, an arrest warrant would be put against them.

“These are the last summons we are sending to them. If they don’t appear here tomorrow [today] we shall issue arrest warrants. They were summoned late last year but they did not show up,” said CID spokesperson SP Vincent Ssekatte

Today is Radio’s birthday and his mother(R) is not happy that Weasel could be releasing her late son’s unreleased songs.

Ms Kasuubo says that these three along with others reproduce and sell her late son’s songs without the family’s knowledge.

The songs that are said to have been duplicated and sold include ‘Nakesa’, ‘Ziino Enaku’, ‘Neera’ and ‘Mpeka’ among others. These according to Ms Jane Kasubo were stolen from a hard drive at Goodlyf which the three had access to.

By the time we went to press, the three named above had appeared in Kibuli but we couldn’t establish their fate in time. We will keep you posted when the details come through.

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