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Weasel And Bryan White Resolve Their Issues, All Is Well Now

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Many people had summarized Weasel and Bryan White’s relationship as ‘over’ after a video clip that made rounds on social media where the socialite was seen calling out for Weasel in an authoritative and disrespectful way.

However, that seems not to be the case because the two appear to be inseparable now.

In a recent video clip, self proclaimed tycoon Bryan White apologized to Weasel and ensured that he didn’t do it with bad intentions, adding that it is people with negative minds who want them to separate.

Bryan also said that they sat together with Weasel and settled out their issues as a family. “We sat together as a family and we are okay and fine. It is people with negative minds who are fueling everything. On behalf of Bryan White Foundation, we are okay with Weasel and the Goodlyfe,” he said.

On the other hand, Weasel also added that he is all in the foundation and will be part of it for the next five years. This foundation is going to be traversing the country in a bid to empower the youths against poverty.

“Whatever happened, we talked about it, we moved on and I’m working with Brian White foundation,” Weasel said in part of his statement.

Weasel is among the artistes on the Bryan White Foundation theme song that was released yesterday titled ‘Kilimanyi’ which also features Cindy and King Michael.

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