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Weasel And Former Manager Chagga In Trouble Over Busia Show

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Each day that passes by, things cannot get any better at the Goodlyfe Camp. The latest we have landed on is that an events promoter only known as Brian from Busia is in Kampala hunting down Chagga and Weasel who failed to oblige to their promises when they failed to perform at a show in Busia two weeks back.

The show that was supposed to take place two weeks ago happened but without Weasel, leaving the fans rowdy to an extent that they wanted to cause chaos. According to close sources, the promoter reported the case to police and as we speak, Chagga and Weasel are wanted, people.

It is also reported that Weasel and Chagga are playing hide and seek games to the promoter. Last week while appearing on Spark TV, Weasel narrated how he is not yet ready to perform at any show as he is still mourning his former friend  Mowey Radio who passed on recently

“Right now I do not want to perform at shows because I am still resting and recovering from the loss of my musical partner Radio,” Weasel said, blaming Chagga for making him work under pressure without respecting the fact that he is still mourning. But how then does Weasel explain the performance he does while on tour with Bryan White?

Weasel and Chagga are wanted men

Before, former Goodlyfe manager Emma Carlos was the first one that was reported to police for the same case.

Radio died at Case Hospital in Kampala where he had been admitted after reportedly being beaten into coma following a fight at De Bar , a local hang-out spot in Entebbe town on 23rd January 2018. He was 33 at the time of his death.


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