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Weasel And Samira Quash Split Rumors

Barely a year in their official relationship, Weasel and Samira are in the news for both good and bad reasons.

The couple first appeared in Neera video which created mixed reactions in the public but shortly after that, Weasel made it official by visiting her parents. Now mid this week, it was alleged that Weasel has been beating up Samira week in week out and that the relationship could soon collapse.

The information further suggested that Samira is tired of Weasel’s unfaithfulness and irresponsibility towards her ever since they moved in together but last evening, the goodlyfe crew member posted a picture on social media kissing his fiancé, silencing critics and showing them how well their relationship is.

Weasel and Samira share a passionate moment

Weasel and Samira share a passionate moment

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