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“Weasel Is A Rappist”- Kato Lubwama

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Former singer, actor and comedian-turned politician Kato Lubwama is one of the most controversial  people in Uganda. You cannot fail to get a funny side from the things he says and this is mainly because he is a comedian

Lubwama is one celebrity whose English will leave you laughing because of the broken way he speaks it and his accent just kills it all. This doesn’t however mean that he totally cannot express himself in the Queen’s language though.

While recently appearing on Spark TV’s ‘Koona’ show alongside Ragga artiste Ziza Bafana, Kato Lubwama surprised us once again when he called artiste Weasel a ‘rappist’. Whatever he meant is probably well known to him but we figured out that he tried to mean rapper.

This all came up as he critiqued Wesel and Spice Diana’s song titled ‘32’. “some artistes force stupid things on the fans, 32 is a stupid song with a stupid feeling with nothing meaningful in it.”

Having said that, Miles Rwamiti the host of the TV show later  asked Lubwama to put Weasel in the music category he thinks he belongs to but we were shocked by what an experienced person in the music industry like Lubwama said.

“Weasel is a rappist, he is a rapist” Kato said before Ziza Bafana collected him and told him the right word and pronouciation (rapper). “He is a rapper, he is a rappist” Lubwama added.

Have spent many years in the music industry, Kato Lubwama is expected to know these simple things like rapper. A special round of applause goes to Ziza Bafana who taught him the real word

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