Weasel Thrills Fans At Sold Out ‘Easter Bash 2018’ In London

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The Easter Bash 2018 organised by Exposed UG Entertainment UK and Romian Entertainment was a show aimed at celebrating the legacy of the late vocalist Mowzey Radio in the United Kingdom. Radio passed on in the morning of Thursday the 1st of February 2018 and was laid to rest on the 3rd.

Weasel and his entourage which also had artistes namely Ykee Benda, Cindy and Spice Diana as headliners as well left for London on 27th March for this highly anticipated show by Ugandans and East Africans living over there. It finally took place on Saturday the 31st of March at The Royal Regency located in London.

This was Weasel’s first ever performance abroad without his long time music partner Radio (RIP). He took the fans on a music journey performing old and new songs. As the revellers cheered him on, he performed songs like ‘Nyumbani’, ‘Bread and Butter’, ‘Number Emu’, ‘Ability’, ‘Obudde’, ‘Breath Away’, ‘Talk and Talk’, ‘Neera’, ‘Juicy Juicy’, ‘Gutamiiza’ among many others.

Going by the reception packed revellers gave Weasel during his performance according to the videos we have watched online, they were super excited and the their excitement was not only brought  about by Wesel alone but also Eddy Kenzo, Ykee Benda, Cindy and Spice Diana who breathtaking showcases too.

It was on this note that weasel had to say thank you to everyone who made the show possible.

“London London London Thank You For Turning Up In Large Numbers, We truly appreciate the love and support you Showed us yesterday🙏🏼🏼Celebrating Life Of a Legend #KingMOSES. it Was Mad TurnUpppp.” Weasel Wrote on Facebook

We have some photos and videos below.

This is how the place was packed


Weasel in the middle of his performance

The event was aimed at celebrating the life and legacy of late vocalist Mowzey Radio

Spice Diana performing

Wactch the ‘King Herself Cindy doing her thing’ 

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