Weasel’s First Words After Radio’s Death

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For close to a week now, Weasel had not been speaking to the media about Radio. Ever since the incident that claimed his partners life.

Weasel was always wearing dark sheds perhaps to hide the sadness on his face but he was forced to say something earlier today during Mass at Rubaga cathedral church.

Ascending to the podium, Weasel was weak. When he reached to speak, his voice was shaky and you could notice that he had been crying. He reminisced his time with the late vocalist and summarized it all in two lines.

“We didn’t have anything in the start. We promised each other heaven. We travelled together, sung together but finally my brother has left me. Let his soul rest in peace,” Said Weasel before he broke into tears.

The two have been in the music industry for more than a decade. The first three years as back up to Chameleone and ten years as a duo in Goodlyfe. They won awards, topped charts, fought battles together, got several nods and traversed the world together.

Radio is going to be laid to rest tomorrow at his mother’s place in Kagga off Entebbe road at 4pm.


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