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“What Artistes Went For Is Entitled Financial Relief, Not Handouts” – Bebe Cool To Bobi Wine

Following Bobi Wine’s expression of disappointment in a group of local artistes over meeting Operation Wealth (OWC) leader General Saleh to give them handouts, veteran singer Bebe Cool, in response to him defended the artistes

According to Bobi, this is not the time for artistes to line up and beg for money but instead rise to the occasion and speak on behalf of the millions of their fans who in this time of the lockdown are grappling untold poverty, hunger, disease, starvation among other challenges.

Much as many Ugandans on social media are siding with Bobi Wine on this matter, his longtime music rival Bebe Cool isn’t. As a matter of fact, he, also in lengthy post on his official Facebook account defended the artistes

The Gagamel Phamily boss said that there is actually need for artistes to meet Saleh and discus their challenges in the industry and also lobby for funds.

“Ugandan musicians belong to the creative arts sector under different associations though about 80% of the stakeholders live outside of the money economy hence the need to meet the general, discuss the challenges in the industry and also lobby for funds which have always been channelled through UNCC/F.” Reads Bebe Cool’s post in part

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He also revealed that he has ever met General Saleh and the president of Uganda to discuss the challenges in the creative arts industry, not forgetting his personal issues too

He added by letting Bobi know that funds artistes get from the general are not handouts but rather entitled financial relief.

“I therefore want to correct my young brother Bobi Wine on his ignorant post that whatever funds artists get from the general are not handouts but rather entitled financial relief.”

The “Kabulengane” singer also said that while he (Bobi Wine) was a Member of Parliament, henever presented a single private members bill on the creative arts industry in Parliament”

In conclusion, Bebe Cool said that he knows that Bobi has been seeing artistes meet General Saleh but only chose to post about it this time round because of the fact that veteran musician Jose Chameleone whom he said is Bobi’s direct lifetime music competitor, was part of the artistes who went to meet Saleh.

Read Bebe Cool’s full response to Bobi Wine below















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