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What It Takes To Have A Hit Song – Radio And Weasel Break It Down

There is no doubt that Radio and Weasel are a dynamic duo to reckon with. They have outed several hit songs like Juicy Juicy and Ngenda mu maso among others, something that has seen them further push their careers to unprecedented heights. In an exclusive interview with Chano8, Radio and Weasel discussed what it takes to have a hit song,

‘Any artist who has ever made a hit will tell you there is always pressure to follow in the previous footsteps so yes there is pressure to get an award for such esteem and that is why we keep working hard, there is a lot to conquer.’

Their hard work and determination made them collaborate with one of Africa’s big talents, Wizkid. When it comes to determination they dynamic duo ooze it, it’s no wonder they have managed to blend their styles so easily.

Radio and Weasel perform at the Neera concert

Radio and Weasel perform at the Neera concert

You have to have a strong bond and both share the same ideas and dreams for your music. If your friendship can’t survive neither will your music, for us it is a strong unbreakable brotherhood, Weasel said as he explained how to make a good duo.

Read more about the Radio and Weasel in the current chano8 issue here.

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