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What Next For Local Celebrities, After Being Fired By Bryan White?

Several Ugandan celebrities have lately been quite on the entertainment scene and reason for this is that, they were busy involved in Bryan White’s ‘Podium’. What they were being paid for was basically to chill at his home in Munyonyo, escort him on several functions and places under the Bryan White Foundation and that’s it.

We understand they were getting not below Uganda shs500,000 every time they reported for ‘duty’ at the now popular ‘Podium’.

However, he dismissed all of them especially the artistes a few days ago. These celebrities who included artistes and comedians seemed had for a long time given up on their careers. Apart from Alex Muhangi who has a weekly show at UMA showgrounds, Madrat and Chikoa and Hebert Mendo were barely seen performing anywhere.

Bryan White has been generous to several artistes and celebrities like DJ Michael for whom he bought a car

As for the artistes, it was a situation gone bad as they were even in a worse state. King Michael had practically given up on music. Big Eye, besides his new ‘Podium’ song that was facilitated by Bryan White, had last released a song about three months or so ago. Jose Chameleone had also given up on performing at events. Weasel and Pallaso were just there.

Now that they are no longer with the money bags, we wonder what their next plan is as Bryan White contemplates on whether to bring them back on or not. On some interviews today, some of the artistes are already promising to go back to what they do best.

Some of the artistes who were involved in the Podium at a recent event of Bryan White Foundation. 

For the comedians Madrat and Chiko, they are having an upcoming show and they have started rehearsing for it. We heard that they will not be going to Bryan White even when he asks them to rejoin the podium. The last we heard of King Michael was that, he had travelled to either Kenya or Rwanda.

Big Eye said music is always his first love as the podium was just a by-the-way. The Mayanja brothers are probably just going to work on a collabo to make their musical comebacks. We are following up on what is going on after the podium boot will keep you posted.


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