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What Sort Of Media Is Your Child Watching? Kansiime Asks Parents

As her one-woman show draws closer, Anne Kansiime had a powerful message for parents especially African parents by asking them to monitor the content they let their children consume on Televisions.

In a video she shared, the Ugandan queen of comedy started off by parents, ‘what sort of media is your child watching?’ she further went on to add, ‘ I would like to see children everywhere especially the ones in Africa because we don’t have a lot of content for kids. I would like to see them watch content that grows their brain to the positive side, that grows their brain in the right direction. Children are still growing but they growing in the wrong direction because they watching content that is not made for them.’

It’s believed that 80% of children’s brains are developed by age 3 and 90% by age 5, so it’s only right that parents monitor the kind of information their children consume.

Preparations for the I am Kansiime show are already underway

Preparations for the I am Kansiime show are already underway

With the I am Kansiime show around the corner, it’s expected to showcase the best of Kansiime the entertainer with lots of music, dance, sketch-up skits and stand-up comedy from the lady from Kabale who said preparations are on course and whether it means jumping up and down on the stage till she breaks, she is now ready for that.

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