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What To Expect At Bebe Cool’s Go Mama Listener’s Party Tonight

With Liquid Silk opening its doors at 7 pm, Bebe Cool’s Go Mama listener’s party will officially kick off at 9 pm and it will run till the wee hours of the night.

According to Bebe Cool, a professional artiste has to have a complete album that’s recognized worldwide, one that has to be on several music platforms like iTunes and amazon among others.

It’s the first time people will listen to most of the songs, but it’s also important to note that he will explain each song. Why the lyrics and why he chose to put that song on the album. Bebe Cool will also introduce the people who recorded and wrote the song, so that each individual benefits from the beginning.

The main reason for his listener’s party is so that people don’t misunderstand his album because it has so many styles.  It was made sure that each song is different from the other.’

We had to go through it carefully to make sure they have taken care of every individual by color, race and age. So when you put out such an album so many people will ask questions, for example, there is a rock song and someone may say that I don’t understand rock music but there so many people in the world who listen to rock music. On this particular day, I will explain every song and will also be able to take a few questions from the public, especially from the press because at that moment a person could have a sentence or style and they are wondering. This is to make sure the press doesn’t make mistakes as it portrays the album,’ he said.

Part of the covers of Bebe Cool's Go Mama album

Part of the cover of Bebe Cool’s Go Mama album

The Love You Everyday star shall also have a public signing day in a mall or somewhere else, where he will spend the whole day, signing autographs for people who have bought the album.  The day shall be communicated at a later stage.

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