What To Expect From The Uganda Music Awards Voting Process

It has been a while since any awarding body has taken the responsibility to give the voters transparency in how the voting will be done. Chano8 sat with Enoq at their offices at Acacia to further understand how different the first ever TUMAwards will be.


Meet Ikiriza Enock the team leader The Uganda Music Awards

He made it clear that the awards would have kicked off last year but were prevented by the negativity in the industry about music/entertainment awards. He went one to further explain the processes put in place to ensure the awards nominations.

The academy which consist of may be 20 people who are music professors, producers, critics and so on has the original role to vet all nominations and filter out music according to set requirements such as being in the right category, the Ugandan factor to the song, and censoring of language. Then the filtered list is sent to the auditors. The academy and voting stays true to its promise of awarding real talent and helping artists.

Urban TVs Danzel and NTVs Sheila Kashumba at the launch

Gospel artiste Levixon Lala(R) was also present

When it comes to nomination, Enoq says it is not a democracy and no one will be nominated just because of popularity because this will not give a fair platform for great artists with talent that have not yet acquired massive fan bases. The academy goes on to mentor the nominee in regional workshops leading to the final awards.

Enoq goes on to say that checks and balances have been put in place to see that people aren’t pushing the agenda or favorite artist. He himself being a member of the academy and running the show he is not allowed to vote. Nominations are taking place on the TUMA app and social media and so will all the voting.

The auditing firm will not be revealed to the public to avoid tampering but they will be in charge of holding the academy and organizers of the event accountable through the process and generating a final nominee list from the academy’s findings.

When the nomination list is presented to voters, the academy will have 60% say while under supervision from the auditors, and the listeners/voters will have 40% this is still to ensure that this is not a popularity contest.

Well after all is said, we wish all participants luck and hope this team can live to the high standards they speak of.


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