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What To Learn From Salvado’s One Man Show

Last Tuesday evening, Salvado held his first ever one man show at Serena hotel and it was quite a success. Everyone perceived the show in his and her own way but the message we got out of this show is that amidst the one and a half hours Salvado spent on stage, he promoted his home town ‘Ombokolo’.

Salvado had a sold out concert.

Salvado had a sold out concert.

The comedian for starters named the concert ‘Man from Ombokolo’ and not anything else. 
The dancers who first entertained guests came straight from that same area and throughout the show, he kept mentioning and referring to ‘Ombokolo’.

This gave the northern area a platform not only in Uganda but Africa in general because the show was filmed by international channels from Africa.

Other entertainers should borrow a leaf from the engineer who turned comedian for the love and promotion of his home area.

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