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What To Wear At The Red Avenue Party

The ‘Red Avenue Party’ is knocking on the door and anyone who has sent their RSVP or thinking of going is suffering the same dilemma of what to wear. The event is exclusive and a pre party to the Abryan’s Style and Fashion Awards (ASFA) come December. The Red avenue party will take place tomorrow evening at the prestigious Club Guvnor. It is a red carpet event and as it’s concluded, the organizers are to pick the best dressed and they unveil the nominees for various categories of the awards.


If you are one of the above mentioned guests finding it hard to find what to wear then rest easy because the colour Red might sound scary to wear but is actually something easy to style and can be fun. For women, it cuts across from floral, fun and short dresses to long and formal couture gowns. You decide! There is a lot to pick from. Look at the venue and purpose for event whenever you are deciding what to wear.

Two Piece Beaded Keyhole Back Red Multi Fitted Evening Gown 2015

This time the venue is a club and the event is glamorous so you could simply choose a simple but elegant frock or a funky party number. The ladies have no excuse to not dress to impress. Be daring and look fierce in your short, flared floral or lace little number or you can choose an elegant smothering sexy body hugging gown if you are blessed with killer curves. Any outfit worn with confidence is beautiful.

Cocktail Dress Trends 2012-2013

Cocktail Dress Trends 2012-2013

The men are busy wondering how to pull off red and still maintain their masculinity. Don’t boycott an event because you are afraid of little colour. If you’re not bold enough for red Capri pants then try black pants and a red and black blazer or go for the darker red shirt inside a black blazer. The best part about wearing red is that is comes in a lot of shades.


Go for a darker shade to avoid looking like a traffic light. Even minimalist outfits with a touch of red can do but I strongly warn all those that believe Soccer club jerseys are something to wear to the club let alone on the red carpet. You will be very surprised, not the good kind of surprise. Enjoy the Red Avenue party people. Be glamorous.

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