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What You Didn’t Know About The Stunning Sandra Teta

Sandra Teta is a 23-year-old Rwandese beautiful lady who is on the fast road to success. She has accomplished more than your average corporate girl and has quickly become an icon for many girls in Rwanda and East Africa. Sandra has made a name for her self in Rwanda as an event hostess with the most to offer. She is the true example of determination and passion in your career world can get you far. We met up with her to share her story as an entrepreneur.

Her upbringing was humble. She was born in Uganda, but her family later returned to their home country Rwanda, where she pursued her academics. She went to Kigali Parents School for primary school education and O’ levels at Fawe Girl’s School. She did A’ level education at Lycee de Kigali and is currently pursuing her Law degree at the University of Kigali.

That is not all she is up to. She was a beauty queen earlier on in 2011 in the SFB beauty pageant. She says it was a prank by a friend who signed her up for the contest
without her consent after she had remarked about being taller than the contestants.

She didn’t shy away from the challenge when it came and she still is grateful for that experience. She believes it is responsible for her confidence and ability to take criticism, not forgetting her need to be the best always. After the pageant, she went on to mentor and train the girls that hope to follow in her shoes and till now she still is called upon to help out with training the SFB beauty aspirants.

What you didn't know about Sandra Teta

What you didn’t know about Sandra Teta


Earlier this year in February after attending several events, she was inspired by the work she saw and therefore, took the bold decision to start her own events company. She says Luminant event company was inspired by every event she went to. Being a harsh critic of other events, she knew exactly what she wanted to be done.

The idea popped into her mind and she went with it. She always liked to critically observe other event organisers and wonder what she could have done differently to make it better while other events simply awed her. She didn’t let her age or lack of experience hinder her and as everyone pointed out she was still young she soldiered on.

The very first project she did under Luminant Events was her very own Red themed party in Kigali. She describes as Red Avenue which is a strictly all red theme party with various DJ Mix and Entertainers, not to forget socialites and musical stars. The success of her first Red Avenue party was overwhelming and didn’t go unnoticed as all the tabloids labeled her a socialite.

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