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What You Missed At Bebe Cool’s Everywhere I Go Premiere

“To love someone everyday, you need to love them everywhere you go. You can love different people everyday but you can love one person everywhere you go.” are the words Bebe Cool said before premiering his Everywhere I go video at club Amnesia last evening.

With a full house on a rare partying day, Bebe Cool took to the stage at 2am and quickly kicked off the performance with old skool and love you everyday, two of his songs that are nominated for the Australian awards.

The Gagamel boss also explained the difference between love you everyday and everywhere I go saying the former is an instantaneous song while the latter is one that will last forever.

Bebe Cool on set of his everywhere I go song

Bebe Cool on set of his everywhere I go song

He also threw some jibes at his enemies saying they failed to find a suitable video to compare his with and decided to compare the two. “People have failed to get another video to compare with love you everyday or everywhere I go and resorted to put a comparison between the two. That suggests how big I am.” He said.

As a surprise to revellers, Bobi Wine together with his firebase crew members also made an appearance at the club although they kept their distance from the Gagamel family members.

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