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What You Missed At The Best Of Radio And Weasel Concert

With Hotel African full, Radio and Weasel took center stage in what appeared to be a one of their biggest nights. As the night went on the splendidly, the dynamic duo couldn’t let it go without airing their grievances for Balaam,

Balaam you are a broke man who uses people to make money. You and your honorable Katoto are idiots. My friend you are trying to sabotage the show but look how successful it is. We are sorry for those sorry idiots.” are the words Radio said when beginning their second session of performance during their Best of Radio and Weasel concert at Africana last evening following what transpired on Thursday when Goodlyf financial manager Labeja Lawrence was briefly imprisoned for allegedly embezzling 6 million shillings meant for the Goodlyf performance in northern Uganda courtesy of Balaam and NRM’s Honorable minister Katoto.

Radio puts on an electrifying performance.

Radio and Weasel put on an electrifying performance.

The highly anticipated show as well ended prematurely at 20 minutes before their time in an effort to beat KCCA’s deadline of ending the show at midnight leaving the audience confused weather it had ended or still continuing.

At exactly 9:20pm, Radio clad in a black Scottish suit and Weasel putting on Maroon took to the stage at 9:20pm and kicked off their performance with street lights, followed it up with heart attack, kuku, everything I do, ability, maze okukwetegeleza with Maro, Ntunga, breath away, I love you, Kankuganye alongside Mun G, Fiting and Ekyama before calling upon Chameleon with whom they did Bomboclat and then leaving him on stage to go prepare for their second and final session.

The event which was sponsored by Pepsi saw other artistes who like, Aziz Azion, Fille, Lydia Jazmine, Irene Ntale, Ragga Dee performed while Pallaso knelt and appreciated them for aiding him out when he was coming back to Uganda.

The duo performed songs like talk and talk, magnetic, forgotten, nera and juice before stepping off the stage in what seems to be the last concert they will both have as Goodlyf.

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