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What You Missed At The Konshens, Busy Signal Concert

Jamaican singing sensations Busy Signal and Konshens put up a splendid performance last evening at Cricket oval Kampala during the ‘Dance with the champions’ concert courtesy of Pepsi. The two artistes performed to the pleasure of their Ugandan fans and fully utilized their one and a half hours both spent on stage.

Being his third time in Uganda, Konshens was the first on stage and like his signature tune every time he comes to the Pearl of Africa, he shouted “Uganda are you ready” and in response, the crowd in unison yelled “yes”. The lights dimmed, he took to the stage 15 minutes to 10pm clad in a camouflaged jacket, tight black jeans and a black T-shirt with engravings of his name. The artiste then did songs like ‘Simple song’, ‘no retreat no surrender’, ‘Sidung’, ‘Do sum’n’ and’Gal a bubbl’e among others.


Konshens was first to entertain the crowd

However, mid-way his performance, there was some sound anomalies that not only distracted him but also the highly anticipated crowd. At some point, the Jamaican artiste together with his close friend and backup artiste Dario were heard shouting “power, power”. It took Blaze events 15 minutes to restore the power problem and that is when he introduced Jose Chameleon on stage. The “Bwerere” singer then worked up the crowd with his “Gimme gimme” song hence restoring the moods of the crowd..

When Konshens was done, Balaam then ushered in Mrs Justine Kasule Lumumba, the NRM secretary general to pass on a message from the President who was reportedly supposed to be the guest of honor. She called on the two Jamaican artistes on stage but after 20minutes of delay, it was only Konshens and Chameleon that approached the official.


Can you hear me. Busy Signal seems to ask

After a few hugs and short political talk, Konshens asked everyone to clear the stage and ushered in his fellow Jamaican to perform.

Although Ugandans didn’t relate to most of his songs, Busy Signal ensured that his performance was worth a mention. His vocals range was on point and the audience loved tracks like “Reggae music again, Missing you, Bedroom bully, Watch out fi dis, one more night and the redone version of gambler.


Justine Lumumba represented President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. Looking on is promoter Balaam

The night also saw Ugandan artistes like Vampino, Fille, Maro, Ragga Dee and A-pass as well as comedians Patrick Idringi Salvado and Alex Muhangi share the stage with the two Jamaicans.


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